The Inner Harbor Project is recruiting new youth leaders. Click here to sign up for an interview.


The Inner Harbor Project is an organization dedicated to making the Inner Harbor a safe and inclusive public space for Baltimoreans, tourists, and businesses. We use a research-based approach to work with stakeholders, identify issues, and implement solutions.

The Inner Harbor Project is a three-year initiative. Now at the completion of year one, the Inner Harbor Project has recruited youth leaders from across the city and conducted research pertaining to the origin of tension in the Inner Harbor.  We analyzed data from over forty interviews and twenty focus groups. On May 29th we held a celebration to present our research and five key recommendations. We established vital relationships with existing stakeholders in the Harbor who must be a part of the solution. The second year will be dedicated to implementing the recommendations with stakeholders and youth. To learn more about our recommendations and our plan for implementation, click here.

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